Farmbox Direct was born!

I believe I am asked at least 10 times a day ” How did you come up with Farmbox Direct”? Well here it goes:

I started Farmbox Direct mainly because I know what REAL produce tastes like, or should taste like! Growing up on a farm, and my Dad being a farmer (and my mother was not too bad of a farmer herself) we grew everything! I know the taste of  REAL tomatoes, REAL carrots, REAL cucumbers, REAL sweet corn in the summer, the way food should be: fresh! In my “adult” life I lived in California for awhile where it was amazing the amount of produce Californian’s could get all year long! It was ALL local, organic, healthy, and yummy! Then I became a mom! For whatever reason my daughter had decided at about age 1 she is a vegetarian, she refuses to touch meat so I thought to myself “ok, if this is all she will eat (yes moms its a great problem to have if your child only wants to eat fruits and veggies) I want it to be the cleanest, purest produce I can get my hands on right?” My answer to make that happen was : Farmers Markets!  I was a busy corporate mom here in NYC, I missed the days when I was in California where my weekend began with a trip to the farmers market to stock up for the week on great produce, I didn’t always have the time with my work schedule to get out to the market and I began thinking I certainly could not be the only mother, or person for that matter who had the same time constraints, and that is exactly how this idea was born! I stepped down from the corporate world, researched for months how to exactly implement my idea, and just went with it!


Now, having an idea and actually giving birth to the idea are 2 different things! I look at my startup business as I do pregnancy: It is takes time as you are growing something with a fantastic outcome! I took ALOT of time researching exactly where, how and what I was going to carry. I found that in NYC this was going to be a challenge. This isn’t like the Midwest where I was from originally where we had local stands everywhere to buy from, and in California there is a farmers market everyday you can get your hands on great stuff anytime of the year. It was MUCH harder to start this than I expected walking into it! Being a mom, you still have to take time out to “be a mom” all while trying to start what at one point seemed impossible to launch! Well, I am happy to say it has launched, I have MANY great ideas for Farmbox Direct in the future!


In the weeks to come you will see me add a lot of items to the menu: Coffee, Chocolate, Cheese, Hummus, Tofu, Pasta, Sauces…. LOTS of great stuff coming! I actually personal pick anyone I buy from! To me it is like the old days of the “Piggly Wiggly” where you would get your groceries bagged JUST perfect! I want to make sure what I am bringing to my customers is the BEST quality of items I can get my hands on. I want to deliver weekly a little slice of heaven to my customers every week!


harlow bean