We have a NEW member of our family!



The UPS man stopped by today and dropped off a box for Harlow…

Inside was……………………………..

colby open


We now have a real Colby Carrot in our family! Harlow is a bit under the weather today so we made a stop at the Doctors office… She made me Haul Colby in my purse, LOTS of interesting looks I received having a LARGE carrot hanging out of my hand bag on the Upper East Side! 🙂 Fun stuff!

Harlow now is talking about the need for a broccoli … Or ” Brian Broccoli” Ohhh Super Sprowtz what have you started!?! I may need a larger hand bag if I have to carry Colby, and Brian around NYC on all of Harlow and I’s outings!

LONG BUSY Weekend!



This weekend was a crazy weekend! I had deliveries Saturday! I again LOVE seeing your faces when you open the door and realize ” Hey your the lady who started this”! I think I will never get tired of that reaction! I love going out doing some deliveries so I keep my hands in all aspects of this! 🙂



THEN while I was out doing deliveries I had Evan, who is so social, and just a sweetheart attend the Just Food Conference Networking Reception! I am happy to report I am now a member so you will be seeing me at events in the future! Evan said it was amazing to see everyone take such an interest into what I am doing, and meeting people in this same industry! I can not wait for the future with this!


THEN Sunday was the ” Brooklyn Baby Expo” With ” As a Child Grows” which went SO well! I handed out over 250 Organic Apples! It was SO awesome to meet EVERYONE there! Everyone was so sweet in chatting with me about my new startup, and I LOVE how many people REALLY are understanding about what’s in our food, and wanting to change that for their family! Also my favorite person in the world stopped by with my caregiver, HARLOW! She was being shy this day with her selfie’s! Harlow had a BLAST! I met a super sweet blogger from Baby Does NYC, so mommies check out her blog!! I also met 2 ladies who do along the same lines as myself, but for prepared meals for kids from Juniors Fresh… so look out for Farmbox to in the future carry homemade baby food! There were several more of you I met that were so amazing, one lady has a blog dedicated to eating totally green and organic, I will chat more about her blog in the weeks to come!! It was AMAZING to see such a great group of people understanding the true need to fix our food system!


Thank you to all my loyal customers, my loyal readers who are helping make my dream possible! I can not wait to start going into the schools and talking with kids about organic food, AND then our community about those kids eating the right food at home! I have always said this is not about being on the cover of Forbes for me, its about changing how we eat and making this affordable for EVERYONE! I am working hard for you all to enjoy this service!



I have BIG COOL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!


After MUCH thought, I have decided we will be switching from our “box” to reusable insulated bags! This is a bit more of a cost for me as a company, and I want to keep my promise of not charging a deposit to anyone, so I ask that we all help in keeping our footprint of our beautiful planet low, and reuse these on your weekly or bi-weekly delivery. There will also be reusable ice packs in the bags to help keep your veggies extra crisp for you! Please be sure to wash out your bags, and ice packs, and set them out for your delivery driver to pickup on your delivery day. If you have a doorman please leave them with your doorman, or if you do not have a doorman please leave them where we usually set your box for you.  I have made this decision to take a hit cost wise to help keep our footprint low on our planet, and help keep everything super crisp in your farmbox!