LONG time and NO blog…PLUS lots of changes!

Wow! The summer went by rather fast, AND was rather insanely busy for me! Miss Harlow spent a bit of time with her Grandma this summer, and I worked…ALOT! You may notice we have expanded into 14,000 zip codes along the East Coast! BIG jump! I have been brain storming new ideas for add in features for boxes, and searched out a great place to donate any left over produce to! More info on that to come very soon!

Miss Harlow started Pre School! She just took off and said ” Okay bye mommy” ;(

1st day

I am very excited to say she has adjusted very well to Pre School, and can’t wait to run out of the door everyday to school!!

My PR firm has been amazing about getting the word out there about Farmbox Direct! We have had a few great write ups, and more to come!


I also have been pretty slammed at my warehouse! I am there every week again packing boxes, and I must say I happen to like it! I love seeing all the great fresh organic produce come in weekly, it is amazing at how many people are really taking concern to their health and wellbeing!


On my downtime ( I do not have too much of it) I spend it with Harlow! This last weekend a package arrived at the door with these crazy pumpkin glasses ( we LOVE fall in my home) and she is wearing them all over NYC! She might have more style than me!!!



This weekend I have a really cool announcement for Farmbox Direct! It has to do with kids!!! 🙂