I have BIG COOL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!


After MUCH thought, I have decided we will be switching from our “box” to reusable insulated bags! This is a bit more of a cost for me as a company, and I want to keep my promise of not charging a deposit to anyone, so I ask that we all help in keeping our footprint of our beautiful planet low, and reuse these on your weekly or bi-weekly delivery. There will also be reusable ice packs in the bags to help keep your veggies extra crisp for you! Please be sure to wash out your bags, and ice packs, and set them out for your delivery driver to pickup on your delivery day. If you have a doorman please leave them with your doorman, or if you do not have a doorman please leave them where we usually set your box for you.  I have made this decision to take a hit cost wise to help keep our footprint low on our planet, and help keep everything super crisp in your farmbox!

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