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Why You Should Drink a Gallon of Water a Day!

Yes really, I drink a gallon of water a DAY. Now I know this can be intimidating but I do drink a gallon of water a day and this has changed my life! I’m not saying this was an easy task to start off doing, but it’s worth it.

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The Benefits of Using Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

For some strange reason, I have always loved the taste of apple cider vinegar. I also happen to love the health benefits associated with it and this little natural wonder is amazing stuff in a bottle! Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar is my favorite brand if I had to pick one; it is fully organic and they have been doing this for years.

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Crispy Parmesan and Spinach Omelet with Green Peas

Imagine this: a savory spinach omelet with crispy parmesan edges and creamy green peas, served piping hot on a lazy Sunday morning…

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Breakfast On-The-Go: Green Smoothie

Let’s face it, sometimes there’s just no time to prepare a full five-star breakfast. Between work, parenting, and life’s other priorities, there are times where the quicker a meal is to make, the better it is. That leads us to why smoothies are the perfect choice for those who are busy and on-the-go. This isn’t […]

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