Farmbox Gets a Facelift

Tis’ the season for improvements here at Farmbox Direct! We are dedicated to not only our customers, but to the environment and the freshness of your produce as well- hence the packaging changes you may have noticed.

Our signature “green bags” your produce is coming in now is a unique technology that absorbs the gases that, once upon a time, may have made your strawberries and leafy greens wilt during transit. Your Farmbox will be arriving fresher thanks to these little guys and with fewer non-recyclable packaging items! Although the bags themselves are not compostable we encourage you to recycle them! The green bags have a longer life than the duration of transit for your Farmbox, storing your berries and leafy greens in the bags will keep them fresh longer.

You also may have noticed our new recipe cards in each weeks box. Each card has two yummy recipes you can make from the weekly menu and is designed to fit right into a recipe book so you can save your favorites!

Happy Holidays!!

Bye for Now!

-Farmbox Direct



LONG time and NO blog…PLUS lots of changes!

Wow! The summer went by rather fast, AND was rather insanely busy for me! Miss Harlow spent a bit of time with her Grandma this summer, and I worked…ALOT! You may notice we have expanded into 14,000 zip codes along the East Coast! BIG jump! I have been brain storming new ideas for add in features for boxes, and searched out a great place to donate any left over produce to! More info on that to come very soon!

Miss Harlow started Pre School! She just took off and said ” Okay bye mommy” ;(

1st day

I am very excited to say she has adjusted very well to Pre School, and can’t wait to run out of the door everyday to school!!

My PR firm has been amazing about getting the word out there about Farmbox Direct! We have had a few great write ups, and more to come!


I also have been pretty slammed at my warehouse! I am there every week again packing boxes, and I must say I happen to like it! I love seeing all the great fresh organic produce come in weekly, it is amazing at how many people are really taking concern to their health and wellbeing!


On my downtime ( I do not have too much of it) I spend it with Harlow! This last weekend a package arrived at the door with these crazy pumpkin glasses ( we LOVE fall in my home) and she is wearing them all over NYC! She might have more style than me!!!



This weekend I have a really cool announcement for Farmbox Direct! It has to do with kids!!! 🙂


YES the rumor is TRUE! I am having another baby!

Well… Kinda!

photo juice ...

I am excited to announce my due date for my NEW baby!!!

August 11th 2014 I will bring into the world a brother for Farmbox Direct “Farmbox Juice”!!!!!!! I decided to partner with Gilt City again to bring this beautiful new life into this world!

Farmbox Juice is a line of cold pressed juices that will be delivered directly to your door!! We will also offer infused teas, and waters… More details to come!

We will have a special time frame for our Farmbox Direct customers to try out a few of the juices that will be offered before the official due date! Stay turned!……

farmbox juice fruit

Farmbox Crew = Mothers Day Success!

I simply LOVE and ADORE these kids!

FBD crew

This is the Farmbox Direct crew minus Luz (we missed you)!!!

My very amazing team knowing that I am a singe mom threw me a BBQ in Brooklyn for Mothers Day! I arrived to amazing Farmbox Direct fruits and veggies, salads, grilled veggies, cheese from our new line of cheese…and they even supplied chalk for Harlow to color on the sidewalk with!

I adore these guys! I am “mama” (that’s how I know I am getting old)! At work on Saturday morning these kids show up always with a smile on their face, they LOVE the concept of Farmbox Direct, we all laugh and have a great time while packing orders, and we all even have lunch together after we finish working for the day! As you can see Harlow loves them too!

I can honestly say this was the best Mothers Day I have had this far! I love my job, love my crew, and love the products I am supplying to all of your homes, for your family, mind, body and soul!

moms day


Special surprise for me when I arrived home from work!

mothers day 1

Today while I was a busy bee since 4am packing everyone’s Farmbox Direct Boxes, Harlow and my amazing caregiver Geneva went out to do a little shopping for me! I arrived home to my beautiful handmade card (yes when Harlow is 30 I will still have this card!) and my favorite chocolates! They are SPICY!!! And I LOVE spicy food, so naturally I love the spicy truffles from Chocolate Works!

mothers day 2

Harlow could NOT wait to show me her gift and her handmade creation! Its funny, everyday after her PRE – pre school class she wants to run home and show me her creations for the day!

mothers day 3

Now it is cuddle time for me and my princess! Thank you to all my amazing customers!!! Happy Mothers Day EARLY to everyone!




If you send your Mom a farmbox direct box for a Mothers Day gift we will throw in a free Living Herb Plant for Mom! If you purchase a box to be sent to your mom, just email us at to let us know its for Mom and we will make sure to add the Living Herb Plant! We offer Parsley, Mint, and Parsley!

Lots of NEW items to be excited about!!


Lots of new items are popping up at Farmbox Direct!


We now carry an assortment of SerendipiTea’s! I am so excited about these Teas as they are my personal favorite! They are of course 100% USDA Certified Organic!


I have also taken on some new cheeses!!! Hope Springs Farm cheese to be exact! Which is as well USDA Certified Organic!



We have carried Uncle Matts Organic Orange Juice, but we now also carry Uncle Matts Grapefruit juice too!



Seven Stars Yogurt is now a member of the Farmbox Direct line up! They have mastered the Greek yogurt, and its is USDA Organic!

plain yoghart


Our Lancaster Farm Fresh USDA Organic Eggs are a HUGE hit! I myself sneak a dozen home every week as well!




Lets not forget the coffee!!! I am now carrying Homestead Coffee Roasters Coffee! These are 2 pretty awesome guys that I am very thankful to be working with! I LOVE their USDA Organic Coffee, and I am so happy they took on Farmbox Direct to work with me so I can bring this coffee to you!

Peruvian Sunrise


HERBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes LOTS of Herbs!!!!!!

We now carry herbs by the .75 oz that are FRESH, for your cooking needs,



AND we even added herbs you can plant at your home and grow your own little herb garden that the herbs will just keep on growing giving off rich yummy goodness for your cooking needs! 🙂 They are pretty adorable too!!!



I plan to get the blog updated here in the next few days of lots of other stuff, what I have been up to, what Miss Harlow is up to, and new adventures that are coming for Farmbox Direct! I am VERY excited about the future here to say the least!




I am excited to announce that we now carry CHEESE! Hope Spring Farm is a local Lancaster, PA farm that has some pretty amazing USDA organic cheese!!!

Currently we carry Mozzarella, Baby Swiss, and Mild Cheddar! I am considering carrying the Havarti as well! Drop me an email if your a Havarti Cheese lover and I will look into carrying that one too!

We have a NEW member of our family!



The UPS man stopped by today and dropped off a box for Harlow…

Inside was……………………………..

colby open


We now have a real Colby Carrot in our family! Harlow is a bit under the weather today so we made a stop at the Doctors office… She made me Haul Colby in my purse, LOTS of interesting looks I received having a LARGE carrot hanging out of my hand bag on the Upper East Side! 🙂 Fun stuff!

Harlow now is talking about the need for a broccoli … Or ” Brian Broccoli” Ohhh Super Sprowtz what have you started!?! I may need a larger hand bag if I have to carry Colby, and Brian around NYC on all of Harlow and I’s outings!

LONG BUSY Weekend!



This weekend was a crazy weekend! I had deliveries Saturday! I again LOVE seeing your faces when you open the door and realize ” Hey your the lady who started this”! I think I will never get tired of that reaction! I love going out doing some deliveries so I keep my hands in all aspects of this! 🙂



THEN while I was out doing deliveries I had Evan, who is so social, and just a sweetheart attend the Just Food Conference Networking Reception! I am happy to report I am now a member so you will be seeing me at events in the future! Evan said it was amazing to see everyone take such an interest into what I am doing, and meeting people in this same industry! I can not wait for the future with this!


THEN Sunday was the ” Brooklyn Baby Expo” With ” As a Child Grows” which went SO well! I handed out over 250 Organic Apples! It was SO awesome to meet EVERYONE there! Everyone was so sweet in chatting with me about my new startup, and I LOVE how many people REALLY are understanding about what’s in our food, and wanting to change that for their family! Also my favorite person in the world stopped by with my caregiver, HARLOW! She was being shy this day with her selfie’s! Harlow had a BLAST! I met a super sweet blogger from Baby Does NYC, so mommies check out her blog!! I also met 2 ladies who do along the same lines as myself, but for prepared meals for kids from Juniors Fresh… so look out for Farmbox to in the future carry homemade baby food! There were several more of you I met that were so amazing, one lady has a blog dedicated to eating totally green and organic, I will chat more about her blog in the weeks to come!! It was AMAZING to see such a great group of people understanding the true need to fix our food system!


Thank you to all my loyal customers, my loyal readers who are helping make my dream possible! I can not wait to start going into the schools and talking with kids about organic food, AND then our community about those kids eating the right food at home! I have always said this is not about being on the cover of Forbes for me, its about changing how we eat and making this affordable for EVERYONE! I am working hard for you all to enjoy this service!



I have BIG COOL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!


After MUCH thought, I have decided we will be switching from our “box” to reusable insulated bags! This is a bit more of a cost for me as a company, and I want to keep my promise of not charging a deposit to anyone, so I ask that we all help in keeping our footprint of our beautiful planet low, and reuse these on your weekly or bi-weekly delivery. There will also be reusable ice packs in the bags to help keep your veggies extra crisp for you! Please be sure to wash out your bags, and ice packs, and set them out for your delivery driver to pickup on your delivery day. If you have a doorman please leave them with your doorman, or if you do not have a doorman please leave them where we usually set your box for you.  I have made this decision to take a hit cost wise to help keep our footprint low on our planet, and help keep everything super crisp in your farmbox!

Thank you again to my amazing customers!


Delivery day was a success again! It was a VERY wet rainy day! And COLD! Which I am sad to say I have now caught a bit of a cold from delivering in the rain! BUT nothing will slow down this mama!! We did manage to get everyone’s boxes out there and delivered! YAY! I have lots of exciting news to share this week! We have 2 events this weekend we will be attending! Adding some new great stuff to our site to help make Farmbox Direct a one stop shop for your weekly organic needs!

Thank you to all my amazing customers! 🙂 All Farmbox Direct customers are amazing, and I LOVE all the very sweet emails I get from everyone with sweet words about my startup!

Colby has a brother and sister mom?!!!??

Colby Carrot Update:

Mom is this Colby Carrot’s brother and sister???


colbys brother

Last night, I made dinner and used my stunning “rainbow carrots” from this last weeks Farmbox, and Harlow always helps me in in the kitchen… She comes to me with the carrot bunch and said ” Mom, is this Colby’s brothers and sisters?” I said “why YES that’s EXACTLY what they are, and a few cousins” She replied ” the purple one is the girl carrot”!

Super Sprowtz you guys are AMAZING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are doing!

Two Gardening Gals in NYC!


Harlow was SILLY excited to plant a garden in our apartment in NYC! I think her face says it all here! We planted Bleeding hearts, Rosemary, and picking up Mint, and a Lavender to plant as well…. I have some pics to share with you guys from the planting party we had last night! AND AND AND  COLBY CARROT is growing!!!! I woke up and saw she stuck him in the pot! LOL! 🙂 She said ” Mommy Colby needs to grow a little more!” Mr. Colby Carrot Harlow is making you famous!!! NOTE: I collect seashells, and old bottles 🙂 You will see that in the pictures here! Seashells from my travels, and the ocean recharges me so I have a TON of shells all of my NYC apartment LOL, old bottles as I collect sea glass as well!! 🙂

planting 2 planting 3 planting 5 planting 4

Guess what time of year it is?!?!





OHHHH YEAH!!! Harlow and I have had a fantastic mommy and Harlow day! 1st: my Prius from out west arrived SO Harlow wanted SO bad to go out and take a little drive in the car! We headed out to get stuff to plant a little garden in our apartment here in NYC! I tend to love the wide open spaces garden on the farm BUT this will have to do for now! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the seed packets at the store! So, tonight Harlow and I are having a little pajama party, and planting our little garden! We are doing some Bleeding Hearts (I picked this with the help of Rob ( a VERY kind man who helped me at the store) as Bleeding hearts don’t require too much sun), and 1 area of my little apartment doesn’t have a ton of sun, BUT has a HUGE window (don’t you just love how that seems to work out?!?!) for a small window garden! We are also doing lavender and mint!!! NOTE: If your looking for the way to my heart: It is thru Lavender, Mint, Ginger, and Orchids!… Oh and lilies …


Pics to come of this garden pajama party! 🙂