Farmbox Crew = Mothers Day Success!

I simply LOVE and ADORE these kids!

FBD crew

This is the Farmbox Direct crew minus Luz (we missed you)!!!

My very amazing team knowing that I am a singe mom threw me a BBQ in Brooklyn for Mothers Day! I arrived to amazing Farmbox Direct fruits and veggies, salads, grilled veggies, cheese from our new line of cheese…and they even supplied chalk for Harlow to color on the sidewalk with!

I adore these guys! I am “mama” (that’s how I know I am getting old)! At work on Saturday morning these kids show up always with a smile on their face, they LOVE the concept of Farmbox Direct, we all laugh and have a great time while packing orders, and we all even have lunch together after we finish working for the day! As you can see Harlow loves them too!

I can honestly say this was the best Mothers Day I have had this far! I love my job, love my crew, and love the products I am supplying to all of your homes, for your family, mind, body and soul!

moms day

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