Guess what time of year it is?!?!





OHHHH YEAH!!! Harlow and I have had a fantastic mommy and Harlow day! 1st: my Prius from out west arrived SO Harlow wanted SO bad to go out and take a little drive in the car! We headed out to get stuff to plant a little garden in our apartment here in NYC! I tend to love the wide open spaces garden on the farm BUT this will have to do for now! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the seed packets at the store! So, tonight Harlow and I are having a little pajama party, and planting our little garden! We are doing some Bleeding Hearts (I picked this with the help of Rob ( a VERY kind man who helped me at the store) as Bleeding hearts don’t require too much sun), and 1 area of my little apartment doesn’t have a ton of sun, BUT has a HUGE window (don’t you just love how that seems to work out?!?!) for a small window garden! We are also doing lavender and mint!!! NOTE: If your looking for the way to my heart: It is thru Lavender, Mint, Ginger, and Orchids!… Oh and lilies …


Pics to come of this garden pajama party! 🙂

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