Special surprise for me when I arrived home from work!

mothers day 1

Today while I was a busy bee since 4am packing everyone’s Farmbox Direct Boxes, Harlow and my amazing caregiver Geneva went out to┬ádo a little shopping for me! I arrived home to my beautiful handmade card (yes when Harlow is 30 I will still have this card!) and my favorite chocolates! They are SPICY!!! And I LOVE spicy food, so naturally I love the spicy truffles from Chocolate Works!

mothers day 2

Harlow could NOT wait to show me her gift and her handmade creation! Its funny, everyday after her PRE – pre school class she wants to run home and show me her creations for the day!

mothers day 3

Now it is cuddle time for me and my princess! Thank you to all my amazing customers!!! Happy Mothers Day EARLY to everyone!

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