Farmbox Gets a Facelift

Tis’ the season for improvements here at Farmbox Direct! We are dedicated to not only our customers, but to the environment and the freshness of your produce as well- hence the packaging changes you may have noticed.

Our signature “green bags” your produce is coming in now is a unique technology that absorbs the gases that, once upon a time, may have made your strawberries and leafy greens wilt during transit. Your Farmbox will be arriving fresher thanks to these little guys and with fewer non-recyclable packaging items! Although the bags themselves are not compostable we encourage you to recycle them! The green bags have a longer life than the duration of transit for your Farmbox, storing your berries and leafy greens in the bags will keep them fresh longer.

You also may have noticed our new recipe cards in each weeks box. Each card has two yummy recipes you can make from the weekly menu and is designed to fit right into a recipe book so you can save your favorites!

Happy Holidays!!

Bye for Now!

-Farmbox Direct



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