Two Gardening Gals in NYC!


Harlow was SILLY excited to plant a garden in our apartment in NYC! I think her face says it all here! We planted Bleeding hearts, Rosemary, and picking up Mint, and a Lavender to plant as well…. I have some pics to share with you guys from the planting party we had last night! AND AND AND  COLBY CARROT is growing!!!! I woke up and saw she stuck him in the pot! LOL! 🙂 She said ” Mommy Colby needs to grow a little more!” Mr. Colby Carrot Harlow is making you famous!!! NOTE: I collect seashells, and old bottles 🙂 You will see that in the pictures here! Seashells from my travels, and the ocean recharges me so I have a TON of shells all of my NYC apartment LOL, old bottles as I collect sea glass as well!! 🙂

planting 2 planting 3 planting 5 planting 4

Guess what time of year it is?!?!





OHHHH YEAH!!! Harlow and I have had a fantastic mommy and Harlow day! 1st: my Prius from out west arrived SO Harlow wanted SO bad to go out and take a little drive in the car! We headed out to get stuff to plant a little garden in our apartment here in NYC! I tend to love the wide open spaces garden on the farm BUT this will have to do for now! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the seed packets at the store! So, tonight Harlow and I are having a little pajama party, and planting our little garden! We are doing some Bleeding Hearts (I picked this with the help of Rob ( a VERY kind man who helped me at the store) as Bleeding hearts don’t require too much sun), and 1 area of my little apartment doesn’t have a ton of sun, BUT has a HUGE window (don’t you just love how that seems to work out?!?!) for a small window garden! We are also doing lavender and mint!!! NOTE: If your looking for the way to my heart: It is thru Lavender, Mint, Ginger, and Orchids!… Oh and lilies …


Pics to come of this garden pajama party! 🙂

Carrot Stop!

Harlow is obsessed with Colby Carrot!!!!!


Sunday’s I make “Mommy and Harlow day” BUT we now have a new guest who joins us EVERY Sunday… Mr. Colby Carrot! I hear about Colby 3983489349845905409 times a day! He has SUPER EYE SIGHT! LOVE LOVE LOVE CMOM for this veggies exhibit! But now Harlow is not wanting to eat an actual carrot, as she is concerned its Colby 🙂

From Myself, Harlow, and Colby Carrot, Happy Sunday Farmbox Direct!

Delivery day was a success!!! …AGAIN!


Thank you AGAIN to NYC and Brooklyn! Delivery day was a success again! Thank you to ALL my awesome customers! I LOVED packing the boxes this week with ALL these BEAUTIFUL colors! I am going to cook my yummy rainbow carrots tonight, with salmon I think! Look at this old door I delivered to?!? How BEAUTIFUL is NYC architecture!?! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that “old world” look!



Who doesn’t love rainbows!?! The only thing that could be better if there was a unicorn in this box!!!

Secret Mission!

I am on a secret mission on 11:30pm….


Meet Pink Blanket! This pink blanket Harlow can NOT live without! In fact here in NYC She turned it into her scarf for the winter! When we go places, I think I even make sure I have the pink blanket before making sure SHE is ready to go! Moms, you know what I am talking about! Well, she doesn’t like the thought of pink blanket going in the washing machiene, so I have to stay up late to wash him while she is asleep, and PRAY she does not wake up while he (for some reason I assume pink blanket is a HE… and I am not sure why)  is in the wash! I literally count down the minutes….

secret mission

Mission was a success!!!



It is official! I have an addiction!


I have stumbled on this AWESOME yogurt! I seem to find myself walking around wholefoods a few times a week (mostly for my Farmbox Direct customers, so I make sure my prices are in line (and under) for you guys!) And there was a VERY friendly gentleman handing out samples of this yogurt! I became addicted RIGHT then and there!

The Epic Seed Yogurt:

All Natural


Live and active pro biotic cultures

Happy grass fed cows! Who doesn’t love happy cows??!!!?!

Gluten Free


AND AND AND AND AND AND…… CHIA seeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention its is yummy?!?!?! As in a slice of heaven?!!??!!? What do you think Farmbox Direct customers? Should I carry this??

*and NO the company did NOT send me this to try, and I am NOT being paid to talk about it! I am sharing this slice of heaven because it is THAT yummy!! But Epic Seed People feel free to support my addiction!! 😉

My daughter hangs out with veggies!!!

harlow school mom

I stopped off at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan to surprise Harlow! She talks to me about her “friend” who she has been informing me is named “Coby Carrot” Well… I wanted to introduce you all to Coby Carrot as I hear about him 482984398540954 times a day! He says he has SUPER EYE SIGHT!



Thank you CMOM for teaching our kids in the city to eat their veggies!!!


harlow veggies cmom

Harlows Stew for me!!!

My sweet little pumpkin made me a “special veggie stew”!

Harlow veggies

Harlow loves to cook! I try to make Sunday our special day together where we cook, and bake! She even has a super cute little apron my mom made special for her! Yesterday she made me this pretend stew in her little kitchen, and I thought it was so cute and the excitement of her face bringing it to me… I had to share! It had carrots, lettuce, and a cucumber! I hope this puts a little smile on your face this Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂



Quick Yummy Snack!

In honor of Harlow, who I am considering renaming “Mango” due to the amount of Mangos she has been eating DAILY!… She is pushing 2 or 3 mangos a day! Well she had a few pieces left over, and I have always loved this little snack… So I wanna share it with you!


Take a mango and slice it! Add lemon juice, and a little sprinkle of chili powder! YUMMY!!! I craved this when I was pregnant! Hmmm… maybe this is why she eats so many of them! Enjoy this snack… and your able to make it from your Farmbox this week!


Delivery day was a success!!! Thank you to all my awesome Farmbox Direct customers!!



I sign all your thank you cards myself! 🙂 I appreciate every single one of my customers! I love walking up to your door and seeing your face light up with excitement that your Farmbox arrived!! I again, went out for deliveries, packed boxes, drove around ( I am getting good at driving around this city!!!)

One awesome customer Naudia sent me this great picture I had to share with you guys of her actual Farmbox Delivery! I love when you all send me great emails, pictures, and words of encouragement! Keep them coming!


In honor of flash back friday!

Flash back Friday time!!!!

falsh back


This is one of my MOST favorite pictures of Harlow and I! I worked before starting Farmbox Direct for a fashion designer as a business manager. This was right before our runway show at Lincoln Center, Harlow came and surprised me! It is a VERY important picture to me as it summed up my entire life: which I knew I had to change! Me on my blackberry, my designer in the background needing my attention workwise, and Harlow running to me needing attention! I have this picture in my home to remind me of a BIG reason why I started this business… to step back, and take more time for Harlow, and help others who are as busy as I was!…. Though I am rather busy NOW with this business BUT I am with Harlow MUCH more!

Happy Friday everyone! 🙂

Harlow is obsessed with taking pics!

Not the most flattering picture of me BUT…..


black white


Harlow LOVES taking pictures! So last night she shot this one and she asked me ” Mommy put it in Farmbox” So that meant: Put it in Farmbox Directs Blog! Not the most flattering picture of me BUT that smile of hers will light up any picture! So, here you go folks! I guess this would be Harlow’s 1st Farmbox Direct Blog Post!!

Ahhhhh…. the things we do for our kids right!!!???!!!

Ginger Tea! YUM!

Ginger Tea is my kryptonite!

ginger tea

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Ginger! I drink ginger tea daily! With this crazy roller coaster of NYC weather this tea will soothe a sore throat, or just warm your soul! Its my daily little slice of heaven!

Shave off the skin from the ginger root, slice up a few pieces (I like mine extra spicy so I cut about 6 to 8 small pieces of ginger), toss the ginger into your cup, pour your tea kettle water over the ginger, allow it to sit for a few minutes, then I take a spoon and somewhat stab the ginger (this helps make the flavor come out and make it extra spicy) then I add a tiny bit of honey! Healthy ginger tea! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Crazy NYC Weather!!!

harlow swing

I love NYC, I love the people here, I love the craziness, I love the noise, I have learned to actually love the honking… BUT…. BUT….. BUT…. I could do without this crazy weather! Today was BEAUTIFUL, I actually walked around without being all bundled up, Harlow was able to hit up the swings at my local park, but tomorrow is calling for rain, then drop down to 25 degrees again?! THEN back up in the 40, and then 50’s?!!??? Cant we just stay in spring time weather always!?!?!? Well… the good news is it looks like the Farmbox Direct delivery day will be in the 50’s… 🙂




Make a quick salad with this weeks farmbox ingredients!

Avocado, Arugula, Tomato and Lemon salad!




I LOVE this salad! I eat it weekly! It takes all of 3 minutes to whip up! AND..AND..AND.. You can make it with your farmbox that will be delivered this Saturday! YAY!

Wash your arugula, slice a tomato, slice an avocado toss it all into a bowl, then sprinkle a little fresh lemon juice over the salad, a splash of olive oil, pinch of salt and pepper… AND YOUR DONE!!!

Yummy slice of heaven!