Preschool YES!!!




Here in NYC getting your child into a preschool is basically like getting yourself into Harvard…. So imagine my stress I have had!?!?!! I am a single mom to start, then I start this business (which I started this business solo with NO partner so I wear all hats), AND searching for the perfect preschool for Harlow to go to this fall… Well…. I found one! I am OVER THE MOON happy to report she was accepted on the spot! *giving myself a little pat on the back for raising such a social butterfly* 🙂 The school was very impressed at Harlow’s social skills at her age! So I had to share this with everyone! You would think with my excitement that I myself was accepted to Harvard right?!!?





I zipped around NYC and Brooklyn again myself doing the deliveries! I did have a helper! BUT I did the driving and happy to report I can actually drive pretty great in NYC! 🙂

Thank you again to ALL the amazing customers I have! I love all your emails of kind words about me, and the business!! Keep them coming!

I am SO happy and excited about this business, every time you all tell me how amazing the service is, it warms my heart! Thank you Farmbox Direct customers! You guys rock!

Yummy Spinach Cherry Tomato Bruschetta!

Friday’s dinner was a hit!

dinner 2


I made a YUMMY bruschetta Friday night! I wanna share this SUPER SIMPLE recipe with you all! It will take you only about 10 to 15 mins to cook!

1 Clam of cherry tomato’s, and 1 bunch of Spinach

Over medium heat coat your pan with olive oil

Slice the tomato’s in half, add them to the pan

Add in the spinach

Pinch of salt, and a pinch of pepper

Cook over medium heat for about 7 to 10 mins until you notice the tomato’s soften, and the spinach softens


I do a small half loaf of French bread since there is only Harlow and I, but you can do a full loaf if your family is a bit bigger 🙂

Cut the bread in half, sliced down the middle.

Coat the bread with a bit of olive oil.

Take the tomato and spinach mixture from the pan and spread generously over the bread, I like to add a little cheese (mozzarella or parmesan) to the top

Bake at 350 for about 10 mins

Your done!

I LOVE this dish and its always a winner when I have guests over! Its healthy too! AND you can get what you need for it in your Farmbox Direct box! 🙂 🙂

Harlows Menu for the night!

Who doesn’t love Sweet Potato Fries and Mango?!?!?!?!?


My little vegetarian BIG girl (almost 3 years old in 2 days *tear*) requested sweet potato fries and mango! SUPER easy to do!

Take a yam, (or sweet potato) and chop him up into little pieces. Bake at 400 for about 10 minutes (15 minutes if your like Harlow and like your fries “crunchy”)! It is that easy! I forgo the salt, but you could always do a little salt, and pepper for a little spice!

Mango: Just slice that mango up! That’s easy!!!


Yummy healthy little snack, or for my all day snacking child : Dinner!


harlow dinner

Fishin on the Farm!

Friday is fish day for many of you!


Well…Friday is now fish day for a lot of people, in light of this I figured I would post a funny cute picture of me as a LITTLE girl out fishin on the farm with my Grandpa! (Oh the phone calls I have been getting over these blog pictures of me as a child!) Though our farm didn’t have fish, we would go to a “creek” or lake! Tomorrow I am feeling like a little Salmon! I will post pics after I cook! BUT in the meantime here is a fast easy recipe for a yummy Salmon!

1 Medium size piece of Salmon

Coat the Salmon with olive oil

Add a pinch of salt (sea salt), a pinch of pepper, then take a lemon and top it off with a little lemon juice, and a tiny bit of the zest. Then, thinly slice the lemon and place thin slices on the salmon to bake it! It is SUPER easy and simple! Comes out yummy, not too much seasoning, and JUST enough flavor. My secret for not letting the salmon get too dry is to add a tiny bit of olive oil about 3 minutes before your going to pull it out of the oven! Cook on 350 for about 10 to 15 minutes (depending how thick of a piece of fish you have)

Now your finished and your Husband, or Wife, or Cat, whatever you have at home will think your a fantastic cook when it comes to whipping up a quick salmon for dinner! And watch out Farmbox Direct customers… In the next few months we will be adding Fresh meats, and fish!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ash <3



A little bit about me :)


My dad (and his family) large producer’s in Illinois of Soybean, Wheat, and Corn. My fathers entire family is farmers… forever we go back as farmers! lol…

                           photo(9)                 photo(10)

My moms family was also farmers…(still owns the land and now they do not farm it but they lease the land to farmers also how my parents met lol thooo now divorced for years but none the less that’s how the story goes and how I came along! )  My moms family (which I can even remember this I am only 30 years old now BUT I do remember all this as a kid) would grow ALL our own food basically! Cattle, pigs, gardens, canning in the summer to get ready for the winter. We did all of that, raising cattle and pigs from birth, grass feeding the cattle ( which back then was NOT heard of) even had our own chickens, my mom always had the motto of not using pesticides (which my dad back then thought was crazy but now not so much)


My Uncle owned a very large compost in Missouri, I would work there in the summers growing up, where I truly learned ALL about soil and the awesome soil you get from composting! He actually invented a machine that could separate worms from dirt! LOL! I had an interesting childhood!


Fast forward to me now: I have a daughter Harlow, who is almost 3 ( single mom ) I was a business manager for a fashion designer here in NYC for about 2 years… which was a crazy schedule, and I basically had zero time for anything let alone to make it to a farmers market to get the best produce I could get my hands on here…. So I decided to launch this company because really NOW here in just the last few years even, people really are actually starting to pay attention to what they are eating, and wanting organic, and local, NON GMO, I figured this was a great idea for people who want to eat healthy, but just don’t have the time like I didn’t when I was a working single mom to go out and get the best stuff… Yes it may cost a little more than what being sold at say fresh direct or your local super market BUT my motto is : if you think eating healthy is costly, wait until your sick and see what it is going to cost you in medical bills, and not to mention years off your life you cant get back….


I am basically trying to make it also affordable for people! I cant tell you HOW many people I have heard say “organic I cant afford it” it is a stigma that its costly to eat organic… So I want to try and make this affordable for all types of people to eat healthy!


Good Morning NYC!

Love this smile!

I thought I would share this little smile with everyone today! Yesterday I was down for the count with a tummy bug! I am happy to report today I am much better, but my tummy bug didn’t allow much of a Fat Tuesday food binge for me! I know today is Ash Wednesday for many of you, and I actually remember when I had Harlow it was Fat Tuesday! I am starting to work on weekly recipes for items in your box! Pics to come! In NYC it is suppose to be 50 degrees this weekend! YAY!!!


Make it a GREAT day!


Veggies and PJ’s!

Nothing like edamame and Princess jammies!


Those who follow my blog know I am a single mommy of a beautiful little Princess named Harlow! Well, a large part of this concept is due to her! She never has touched a piece of meat and she turns 3 on Saturday *tear*. She just decided she was a vegetarian from day one! This is why I sought out to make sure she ate only the best fruits and veggies I could get my hands on for her! I realized the challenge that was for me living in NYC…and so the idea for Farmbox Direct was born! I think everyone should have a little edamame in their pj’s tonight!




Good Morning NYC!

I love Mondays!


I seem to be one of the crazy people who love Mondays! It is a new start to a new week of adventure! I am a morning person! I love waking up, having a coffee, do a little online reading, having my yogurt with berries…and then….then My little Monkey Harlow (my daughter) wakes up! That’s when the real excitement starts! For those of you who don’t know, I am a mother BUT also a single mom! I am going to give myself a small pat on the back for not only being a mommy starting a business BUT a single mommy starting a business! Harlow has started a little preschool program here in NYC at New York Kids Club that she LOVES! And this little smile I had to share with everyone!

Harlow school




Well… Farmbox Direct had our 1st delivery weekend! Thank you SO much to everyone who signed up for my service! I actually went out and did every delivery myself! From packing the boxes, to walking the box to the door…I personally did it! I am already very hands on in this business, and will keep Farmbox Direct that way, but I have to know every roll within this company, in order to ever train someone for any position here. For that reason, I decided to handle all deliveries myself! It was such a pleasure to meet each and every one of you (even met a cat, 3 dogs, and several kids during the delivery day) and to hand the box to you myself was such a rewarding moment for me! To see this dream of mine come full circle was amazing! Farmbox Direct is a woman owned startup, or as I like to say ” a mommy owned startup”, and I thank you all for the support! Great things to come in the future for Farmbox Direct!


1st box

Farmbox Direct was born!

I believe I am asked at least 10 times a day ” How did you come up with Farmbox Direct”? Well here it goes:

I started Farmbox Direct mainly because I know what REAL produce tastes like, or should taste like! Growing up on a farm, and my Dad being a farmer (and my mother was not too bad of a farmer herself) we grew everything! I know the taste of  REAL tomatoes, REAL carrots, REAL cucumbers, REAL sweet corn in the summer, the way food should be: fresh! In my “adult” life I lived in California for awhile where it was amazing the amount of produce Californian’s could get all year long! It was ALL local, organic, healthy, and yummy! Then I became a mom! For whatever reason my daughter had decided at about age 1 she is a vegetarian, she refuses to touch meat so I thought to myself “ok, if this is all she will eat (yes moms its a great problem to have if your child only wants to eat fruits and veggies) I want it to be the cleanest, purest produce I can get my hands on right?” My answer to make that happen was : Farmers Markets!  I was a busy corporate mom here in NYC, I missed the days when I was in California where my weekend began with a trip to the farmers market to stock up for the week on great produce, I didn’t always have the time with my work schedule to get out to the market and I began thinking I certainly could not be the only mother, or person for that matter who had the same time constraints, and that is exactly how this idea was born! I stepped down from the corporate world, researched for months how to exactly implement my idea, and just went with it!


Now, having an idea and actually giving birth to the idea are 2 different things! I look at my startup business as I do pregnancy: It is takes time as you are growing something with a fantastic outcome! I took ALOT of time researching exactly where, how and what I was going to carry. I found that in NYC this was going to be a challenge. This isn’t like the Midwest where I was from originally where we had local stands everywhere to buy from, and in California there is a farmers market everyday you can get your hands on great stuff anytime of the year. It was MUCH harder to start this than I expected walking into it! Being a mom, you still have to take time out to “be a mom” all while trying to start what at one point seemed impossible to launch! Well, I am happy to say it has launched, I have MANY great ideas for Farmbox Direct in the future!


In the weeks to come you will see me add a lot of items to the menu: Coffee, Chocolate, Cheese, Hummus, Tofu, Pasta, Sauces…. LOTS of great stuff coming! I actually personal pick anyone I buy from! To me it is like the old days of the “Piggly Wiggly” where you would get your groceries bagged JUST perfect! I want to make sure what I am bringing to my customers is the BEST quality of items I can get my hands on. I want to deliver weekly a little slice of heaven to my customers every week!


harlow bean